Easy Puncher

The Easy Puncher is a simplified version of our fully automated Puncher system. It uses the same proprietary microwell chip and Puncher needle.

Fits on every microscope

The Easy Puncher can be mounted on any inverted microscope. It consists of a micromanipulator that is controlled by a joystick in combination with a touchscreen controller. No additional hardware or computer is required. A dedicated 0.2 ml PCR micro tube holder is mounted in the microscope objective turret

Fast and simple isolation of single cells

The user manually selects the microwell that contains the single cell of interest and moves it to the crosshair center of the microscope. The PCR tube is positioned by turning the turret. Once the PCR tube is placed, the user selects Punch on the touchscreen and the microwell bottom is punched from the microwell chip towards the PCR tube.