About us


VyCAP is a young and dynamic bio-tech company. Our small team develops pragmatic solutions to isolate and analyze rare single cells, for example circulating tumor cells (CTCs) out of blood. We are looking for enthusiastic people with a biomedical or technical background, to help us grow and offer the best solutions for our customers. Our solutions to enumerate CTCs or isolate rare cells such as CTCs consists of hardware, software and protocols. Feel free to contact us for a position.

Internships at VyCAP to develop rare cell solutions

VyCAP is specialized in handling rare cells for enumeration or single cell isolation and genetic analysis. The company is always looking for dedicated people willing to do their biomedical training or biomedical masters assignment. Assignments can be related to the development or testing of new processes to capture and isolate rare cells.  The Intern is a student studying for a bachelor’s degree or university level with a biomedical background. Detailed assignment descriptions can be sent on request.