VyCAP has a fully equipped service laboratory with several Puncher systems to isolate single cells from your samples. You sent us your samples and we isolate the single cells of interest for you.

DNA sequencing

We will isolate the single cells from your liquid biopsy samples based on your requirements and cell identification criteria. The samples can be any liquid cell suspension that contains fixed or unfixed cells. If required we can perform additional fluorescence labelling as well as develop a customized protocol, to isolate the single cells from your precious samples.

Normally we isolate the single cells from our microwell chip towards 0.2ml PCR tubes. These tubes with single cells can be shipped back to you or we perform the first WGA step, which includes a QC (VyCAP, WGA QC-50).

RNA sequencing

Sent us your samples and based on your criteria we isolate the single cells in a 384 well plate that is prepared for single cell RNA sequencing. This is done in collaboration with Single Cell Discoveries.

We will fill the 6400 wells of our microwell chip with single cells and next select and isolate the cells based on their morphology or fluorescence image. The fast distribution of single cells in individiual microwells with minimal cell stress followed by our fast single cell isolation,  yields high qualty RNA profiles at the single cell level.