Simple to use

Use the Pump-unit in combination with the filtration disposable. Connect the filtration disposable to the Pump-unit, set the pressure to the correct, add your cell suspension or liquid biopsy and start the pump action. VyCAP disposables for filtration, enumertion and single cell isolation all fit on this pump unit.

Easy control of the pressure 

The Pump-unit creates pressure difference across the slide with chip, between the sample and waste side of the disposable. The pressure difference can be adjusted from 0 – 500 mbar. The set pressure and the actual pressure are displayed on the front.

Fast filtering

Depending on the sample and used chip it may take 1 – 10 minutes to filter a sample volume of 10 ml. Different collection tubes and fixatives require different pressures, see our protocol section for more details.

Large volume

The waste container can take up to 40ml of fluid, which is as well the maximum amount of liquid taht can be processed at once. Besides cell suspension, liquid biopsies like whole blood, spinal fuids, synovial fluids and urine can filtered.

Size (lxbxh):230x150x210mm
Volume:0.1- 40ml
Application:Rare Cell Enumeration, Single cell analysis, Clonal expansion
Pump unitPU-250