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Single cell disposable

Sort single cells

Sort single cells in the micorwell chip. The single cell disposable contains a  microwell chip with 6.400 wellls. To sort single cells in wells of the chip, the disposable is connected to the Pump-unit. After distributing the individual cells the slide with the chip can be loaded in the Puncher system. Automated selection and single cell isolation is performed using VyCAP Puncher system.

One cell in one well

The single cell disposable contains a slide with a microwell chip to distribute single cells. This chip contains 6.400 microwells. Each microwell has a diameter of 70 µm and the bottom contains a single pore with a diameter of 5µm. The Pump unit creates a small negative pressure. Fluid enters the microwell and exists through the single pore at the bottom of each microwell. After a cell has landed onto the pore the flow stops and no other cell will enter the same well. The next cell is diverted to a neighboring well. In this manner single cells are sorted in individual wells across the entire microwell chip in a few minutes.

Select and isolate cells from a 6400 well chip

Single cells are isolated from the microwell chip using VyCAP’s Puncher system. Using this system the single cells are punched from the microwell chip to DNA / RNA  / proteomics analysis tubes or plates. Different adapters are available to accomodate tubes and plates.

Maximum volume 40ml
Slide (lxb): 57x24mm or 75x24mm
Slide material: HIPS / black
Chip size (lxb): 10x10mm
Microwell diameter: 70µm
Number of microwells 6400
Filter membrane material Silicon nitride, thickness 1 µm
Pore diameter 5µm (other pore sizes are available on request)
Sterile: On request

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