Products - Single cell analysis

Pump unit to sort cells

Single cell distribution in a few minutes

Distribution of living single cells in individual wells is easily performed with the Pump-unit in combination with the single cell disposable. Distribute single cells in individual wells of the mircrowell chip. The chip is pre-mounted in the slide of the single cell disposable and contains 6400 microwells. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to distribute single cells from a cell suspension of 1 ml across the individual wells.

Easy control of pressure

The Pump-unit creates a negative pressure at the waste side of the disposable. The system has an adjustable pressure from 0 – 250 mbar. The pressure is displayed at the front-side. Different cell suspensions may require different pressure settings. For viable cells the pressure is typically only 10-20mbar. Fixed cells require typically 100-200mbar.

Sort cells in from a large volume

The waste container can hold to 40ml of fluid. This is also the maximum amount of liquid with can be processed at once. Sorting cells present in a large volume is no problem. The system is very well compatible with cells that are enriched and harvested by the Parsortix, Clearbridge Biomedics device or the CellSearch Autoprep system.

Pressure: 0-250mbar
Display: LED
Size (lxbxh): 230x150x210mm
Volume: 0.1- 40ml
Application: Rare Cell Enumeration, Single cell analysis, Clonal expansion

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