Products - CTC enumeration

Cell stainer to label CTC

Label CTC with Cellstainer

Label filtered CTC and other cells easily with the easy to use VyCAP Cellstainer. After the sample volume is processed, the slide with the microsieve is transferred manually to the Cellstainer. The Cellstainer uses absorbers to remove excess reagents and facilitate washing. A maximum volume of 1ml can be used per absorber.

Label CTCs with fluorescent markers

To label circulating tumor cells a combination of fluorescence labels is applied to the collected cells on the  filter. After incubation, the microsieve is pushed onto the absorber to remove excess reagents.Typically mounting medium containing DAPI is added and a VyCAP coverglass is applied to preserve the sample from degradation. The protocols for the enumeration of CTC use the following set of immuno-fluorescence labels:

  • DAPI
  • Anti Cytokeratines – Phycoerythrin (PE)
  • Anti CD45 – Allophycocyanin (APC)
  • Anti CD16 – Allophycocyanin (APC)

Labelling protocols are available on our website

Use your own fluorescent labels

VyCAP does not provide dedicated staining kits. Users can uses their own labels and reagents of choice. The protocols are easy to adjust to your own needs.  Besides immunofluorescence labels FISH probes can can be applied as well.

Cell stainer absorbers

Cellstainer absorbers are suplied with each ordered filtration disposable. The absorber is  manually placed in the Cellstainer.

Cover glasses

Cover glasses that match with the size of the microsieve are available with product number CG-10. The cover glasses are placed with tweezers on the microsieve filter.

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