Products - CTC enumeration

Filtration disposable

Filter CTC and collect the waste

Filter CTC with the filtration disposable.  The disposable contains a slide with a microsieve filter chip. The VyCAP Pump-unit is required to create a well defined negative pressure at the waste side of the filtration disposable. After filtering the slide with the microsieve filter is removed from the disposable for labeling and automatic CTC enumeration. To enumerate the cells our VyCAP imaging system is recommended.

Filter CTC from whole blood

Collect rare cells such as Circulating Tumor Cells CTCs from whole blood on the filter. Besides whole blood other body fluids like urine, pleural effusion or spinal fluids can be filtered. After removing the blue lid the sample volume is transferred to the disposable. The maximum sample volume is 40 ml. Besides filtering CTCs it can also be used to filter other cells such as fetal cells and melanoma cells.

Filter CTC size based

The microsieve filter contains 150.000 pores with a diameter of 5.0 ± 0.2 µm, contained in a filter surface of 8 x 8 mm. Microsieve filter chips are made from silicon glass, very flat and have no auto fluorescence. Most wleukocytes pass the microsieve filter.

Different microsieves available

On request VyCAP also supplies microsieves with other pore dimensions. To filter CTC from whole blood a pore with a diameter of 5 micrometer is optimal. For other body fluids and samples pores with 2 micrometer or 7 micrometer could be beneficial.

Slide (lxb): 57x24mm or 75x24mm
Slide material: HIPS, black
Chip size (lxb): 10x10mm
Pore diameter: 5 µm, other pore sizes on request.
Interpore distance: 14µm
Number of pores: 150.000
Filter membrane material: Silicon nitride, thickness 1 µm
Sterile: On request

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