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Laminar flowhood for Puncher

Clonal expansion of cells

For clonal expansion of cells, the Puncher system as well as the Pump-unit are placed inside a laminar flowhood to ensure sterility. The flow hood is designed according the requirements of the Puncher system. Computer screen is mounted in the back of the flow hood to facilitate cleaning and keep an undisturbed flow. Keyboard and mouse have a silicon flat surface to enable easy cleaning with all hospital grade disinfectants.

Puncher system is fully automated

It contains high end scanning stages to quickly position the chip, wells plate and punch needle. The system has six stages which are all automatically controlled. Furthermore the system has autofocus and an automatic filter cube changer.

Slide, plate and punch needles can be loaded easily

Slides with the microwell chip, Punch needles and tissue culture plates are easily docked on the system. All parts are positioned with an optical calibration unit which takes only one minute.

Puncher system is designed for clonal expansion of cells

The system uses a Lumencor LED excitation light source and Hamamatsu CMOS scientific camera. This enables the user to acquire high quality fluorescence images of the single viable cells with a 10x, 20x  or 40x  objective. After imaging the cells of interest they are presented in a gallery that is automatically generated. Viable cells can be punched out for mono clonal cell expansion.

Base: Inverted Nikon Ti2 microscope
Objectives: 10x NA 0.30, 20x NA 0.45, 40X NA 0.65
Filters cubes: DAPI, FITC, PE, APC, Reflection
LED: Sola Lumencor Light source
Camera: Hamamatsu  CCD camera, Orca Flash 4.0 Hamamatsu  CCD camera, Orca Flash 4.0  LT, type C11440-42
Data management: VyCAP imaging and puncher system software
Application: Enumeration, single cell isolation and clonal expansion
Imaging time per slide: Typically 10-20 min
Transfer: 1 cell/second
Collection tubes: 96 well TCP plates
Flowhood: Telstar class IIB  (height=2285mm, width=1630mm,depth=1000mm)

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